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On “Cloud 203” at the Kinderhotel Oberjoch

There`s hot coffee in my mug, shafts of sunlight are tickling my face and with my eyes closed I notice the muted sounds of my surroundings. Somewhere I can hear…

There`s hot coffee in my mug, shafts of sunlight are tickling my face and with my eyes closed I notice the muted sounds of my surroundings. Somewhere I can hear children’s laughter, a waiter discreetly clangs with plates – I open my eyes and once again I admire the panorama of the alps right under my nose. Mountains as far as the eye can reach; the slopes are lightly covered with snow, enough to go skiing. I’ve reached the destination of our holiday with the family at the Kinderhotel Oberjoch.

A few days before: The journey to the Children’s’ Hotel

The car is packed and ready to start. Thick ski pants lay next to trekking shoes and summer jackets – the perfect equipment according to the weather forecast at the Children’s Hotel. We hope for some snow to go skiing. At 2 a.m. at night, our family starts its journey with the Range Rover Evoque. As parents of two lively boys (3 and 7 years old), a night-drive is the laid-back way to travel. Our kids spend the first five hours sleeping in the backseat, while we drive on empty freeways from the north to the south of Germany. We take a break for breakfast and after nine hours of driving we arrive exhausted but happy at our destination: the Children’s Hotel in the Allgäu.

2016 Kinderhotel Oberjoch Greta Pasemann Anreise

Arrival in Allgäu for our holiday in Kinderhotel Oberjoch, out for the family

Arrival in the Allgäu for our holiday at the Children’s Hotel Oberjoch, time-out for the family, a gasp of relief. The slopes of the ski region Bas Hindelang & Oberjoch are still open. There is snow everywhere on the hillsides. Many skiers use the end of the winter sport season to ski down the slopes with radiant sunshine. After our arrival, we can immediately use the Children’s hotel. Until we receive the keys for our rooms, we enjoy the spring-like weather on the Children’s Hotel’s sun terrace and let the sun shine onto our noses. A little snack from the afternoon-buffet and our children join the other playmates on the terrace. The mushroom, a climbing frame and many other things provide a space for the children while the parents can enjoy their hot coffee stress-free.

Good taste or nonsense on cloud “203”?

Is this cheese? A cave of cheese right in the middle of our family suite “203” is the highlight in our accommodation. The extra space for the kids creates space for us adults! Everyone has their own private space in the room and that provides the necessary relax-factor in our family suite at the Children’s Hotel. While the “cheese mice” are reading in their cave, are romping around or a watching a good night movie, we can sit down relaxed in our area, read, chat and enjoy the view from our terrace. Who is in the mood for a holiday in the Children’s Hotel Oberjoch, can find suitable offers here.

Emil the donkey and other adventures await you

We used the rest of our arrival day to explore the surroundings of the Children’s Hotel. With glorious sunshine, we go all the way through the climbing forest along the Children’s Hotel. The boys start at the witch’s house, climb through the hanging tunnel to the treehouse and balance across the shaky ropes to the ropeway. “yiipppeee, mum, push me!” They get catapulted directly to the petting zoo. With sparkling eyes, our adventurers spot Emil the donkey, Puschkin and Picasso the alpacas, horses, rabbits and goats. They discover the little stream on the neighbouring property of the Children’s Hotel; here they will build artistic dams in the next days. Who thinks that’s all? There’s even bread on a stick in the evening! Near the tipi with the stake, the children come together and have a barbecue on the campfire. A great end for our first day at the Children’s Hotel!

“Pizza & fries” – Skiing is on the schedule

This year we were late for our winter holiday in the Children’s Hotel. Now, in the beginning of April the season is nearly over. We are lucky, that the ski lifts are still open and so we even use the very first days of our holiday to go skiing. Who knows how long the slopes will be accessible. We rent skis, helmets and shoes at the Children’s Hotel and take the shuttlebus in the morning directly after breakfast. The Children’s Hotel is only five minutes away from the Kids-Snow-Land. “Pizza, pizza, pizza!” “Fries, fries, fries!” – Snowplough and parallel position are still working. Our big one is getting confident on his skis, just like on his last downhill in February of 2015. The little one is making his first serious attempts. After he announced his displeasure by screaming loudly last year, this time he had fun. All in good time!

Spring awakening and childcare at the Family Hotel

„Mum, can we stay here?!” “We are welcoming spring!” – on the third day a discreet letter explains to us that the ski lifts will be closed. Now the skiing season is over. On the one hand, it’s a pity, on the other one we can enjoy the various offers and the child care at the Family Hotel.

They live for childcare: Our kids celebrate pirates’ and Indians’ parties, eat with the other kids on the lunch-buffet, do handicrafts, play, do gymnastics, climb, dance and rehearse a play or watch plays in the theatre. One day there suddenly appears a bouncy castle in the shape of a train in front of the magnificent panorama of the Alps at the Children’s Hotel, another day they go on a treasure hunt. It’s no wonder that our son asked us if we could stay here.

Early in the morning (at 8.30 am) our boys can’t sit still at breakfast because they are longingly waiting for “Smileyne”. “Muummm, how much longer?” Now the mascot is on his beat to gather all the kids for the “Smiley Dance”. The day at childcare is starting. There are different programmes for all ages. From babies to teenagers, everyone finds suitable offers. Our 7-year-old son is proud that he is allowed (with our permission) to go alone to the adventurer’s club and that he can move around independently in the Children’s Hotel with his own room-card. The little one signed up for the Miniclub and we pick him up at an arranged time.

The highlight at the Children’s Hotel: The rapid waterslide

Wrapped into fluffy Feel-Good-Bathrobes we four shuffle with our bathing slippers through the corridors to the Fun-Pool-Area with the waterslide. As we open the door, a pleasant warmth is welcoming us. Now it’s time for the family in the bathing area. With sparkling eyes, our 3-year-old discovers the separate kids’ pool with the big tractor, the pigs, the cows and the geese – farm-atmosphere. We splash around and play on the slide for hours. From next-door, we hear laughter and squeaking. The waterslides roars tremendously and one child after another slides down the waterslide just to run back up to the start with the enormous tire.

The sauna and bathing area presents itself in another light in the evening hours. We parents enjoy the childfree time, the panoramic sauna and the steaming outdoor pool with the view on the Alps. The gorgeous view on the wonderful alpine world of the Allgäu takes my breath away time and time again. Majestic, impressive, and always a little different.

[toggle title=”Location”]By car, you drive down the Autobahn A7 to the exit Oy-Mittelberg. Follow the B 309 to the exit Nesseöwang. Drive straight ahead to the B 310. Follow the course of the road for 20 km. At the entrance to the town Oberjoch drive straight ahead on the Bundestraße (B) until you see a little gas station on the left. Turn right. If you are travelling by train, you have to get out at Sonthofen and take the bus to Hindelang / Oberjoch. It takes you 15 min. by Taxi to arrive at Oberjoch. By plane, you arrive at Memmingen (ca. 1 hour away from Oberjoch, alternatively you arrive at München, Stuttgart ca. 2 hours).[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Accommodation”]The Kinderhotel Oberjoch is a child friendly hotel that is located at 1.200 m – in Germany’s highest mountain village. It provides a combination of a vast culinary offer, sport and wellness facilities, playing opportunities and childcare. All facilities of the Children’s Hotel are adapted for children – for instance the sport area that offers a separated indoor swimming pool for kids. For the ones who already know the Children’s Hotel, 1 hour away there’s the sister hotel Alpenrose in Austria that offers relaxation from your daily routine. This hotel is adapted for kids too. [/toggle]
[toggle title=”Ski region”]The German Ski Association elected the ski region Oberjoch the best family-ski-region of the Alps. There are 9 ski lifts, 33 km of slopes and the Kids-Snow-Land on more than 20.000 sqm. The lift pass and the Kids-Snow-Land are free for the owners of the Bad Hindelang PLUS Card.[/toggle]

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