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Through the Alps with the Range Rover Evoque

The car boot is loaded to the max, “Allgäu” has been entered into the navigation system, and the iPod (filled with the best travel music) is connected to the sound…

The car boot is loaded to the max, “Allgäu” has been entered into the navigation system, and the iPod (filled with the best travel music) is connected to the sound system – the Range Rover Evoque is ready to go. The journey to Oberjoch in the Allgäu region can begin, we have 911 kilometers ahead of us, it’s a drive from northern to southern Germany.

“Awesome!“ – The appraisal of children can be so simple, but yet so true. Even with cars! Although the Range Rover Evoque resembles a brawny off-road vehicle, it actually is a SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle – all-terrain limousine). The designers of Land Rover did an outstanding job constructing the “small” Range Rover, as people are still stopping and turning their head around when an Evoque is passing by. Even though it has been on the market for quite a while now.

Range Rover Evoque enthuses children and drivers

Children are often excited about playful elements. The Range Rover Evoque convinces with its ambient interior lighting system, which can be programmed with all different colors. For the outward journey the children asked for purple light and for the return trip they wanted green. Furthermore, the car boot that opens and closes itself automatically as if by magic astonishes the children. Star Wars memories!

Another convincing argument: The brand new, adaptive LED headlights, which ensures the best view of the road even by night. Thanks to the automatic-setting the high beam is turned on and off automatically if there are oncoming or preceding vehicles. Along the Allgeau’s serpentines the automatic lighting causes a light organ effect: left turn, the headlamp to the left turns on, right turn, the headlamp to the left turns off and the headlamp to the right turns on. In this manner, we are driving uphill for about 7 kilometers, from Bad Hindelang to Oberjoch.

“On the street focus!“ That’s what the command of the designers must have sounded like in Yoda’s language, when they were constructing the car. There is a huge variety of little goodies, which help the driver to quickly forget about the fact that he or she is sitting in a SUV. The various settings of the external cameras, for instance. The top view is especially exciting as it shows the car from above. Like being filmed by a drone, the driver can see the Range Rover Evoque from above on the 8-inch-touch screen and this way can observe in real time what is happening around the vehicle. “A lot to see you’ve got!”.

“InControl Touch“ is the center piece

Speaking of touch screens: The in-vehicle infotainment system “InControl Touch“, thrills the driver as it controls audio and video function, telephone, satnav, cameras and a lot more. The swiping motion that we all know from our smartphones has been adapted to the touch screen. And the function “InControl Apps“ controls a wide range of smartphone apps through the touch screen which is positioned in the center of the dashboard.

With all these technical gadgets it is easy to get distracted from the actual purpose of a car – carrying people form one place to another. It is hardly surprising then that the Range Rover Evoque looks good on the road, as well. When you speed along the motorway at 195 km/h, you will easily forget that you are sitting in an off-road vehicle or a SUV. The Range Rover in no way needs to hide behind mid-range or luxury cars. Quite the contrary: The car has been excellently manufactured, all materials are luxurious, functional and decently placed. The only downside is the small tank which can be a bit inconvenient for longer journeys. More than 500 kilometers at a high speed is not possible.

Even off the paved ways, the Range Rover is a lot of fun. Like its big brothers of Land Rover, the Evoque is equipped with the on-board “Terrain Response System”. The floor conditions (asphalt, mud, sand, grass, snow) can easily be selected via touch screen on the dashboard, and the system then automatically controls gear-changing operations, throttle response and ESP.

Range Rover Evoque is capable of a lot more than some off-road vehicles

The Range Rover Evoque is capable of a lot more than some SUVs and off-road vehicles. It can even be an excellent family car: You can sit comfortably in the back, the car boot has a capacity of between 550 and 1.445 liters. For those of you who travel with two little kids – like we do – that is not a big deal. The Range Rover Evoque costs at least 34.500 € and is not a bargain buy. You need to be able to afford the SUV from the house of Land Rover. Eventually, there are only a few cars in the same category on the market that could hold a candle to the Range Rover Evoque.

[toggle title=”Our Car”]The Range Rover Evoque HSE, that we use, is a TD4 Diesel with 132 kW (180 PS), 4 Zylinder, 1.999 cm3. [/toggle]

Pictures from the trip with the Range Rover Evoque on Instagram

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Note: Many Thanks to Land Rover Germany, who provided us with the Range Rover Evoque.

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