Ihave a fantastic view from my 20th floor hotel room in Surfer’s Paradise in Australia. To my left and right there is the seashore as far as the eye can reach. In front of me just now the sun is looking over the horizon. Waves meet loudly and with a lot of foam with the beige-coloured sandy beach. Far away a surfer tries with fast arm movements to get his board up to speed, to then jump on it with one short leap and surf the wave perfectly. A successful morning session on a beach, which in this form you will not find often in the world. But it is also the beach of Surfer’s Paradise, the lively place with an impressive skyline and lots of possibilities to spend your time not only on a surfboard or on the beach.

Gold Coast - Surfers Paradise - Australien - Joerg Pasemann (13 von 21)

Surfer’s Paradise offers contrasts, like barely any other city in the world. On one side of the road you actually find a paradise: clear, turquoise water with the waves a surfer needs to be happy. A broad, beige-colored beach, with sand that squeezes through your toes and in doing so squeaks because it is that fine. Sunrises and sunsets that are so beautiful they give you goose-bumps. And of course there is plenty of sun. The person who once gave this place it’s name, must have found exactly this paradise.

A German built the first hotel in Surfer’s Paradise

A German, of all people, started in 1889 on the other side of the road to open the first hotel. Johann Meyer built in Elston, the place’s former name, the „Main Beach Hotel“. Due to the expansion of different bridges and roads later, more and more tourists and investors started coming to Elston and this way the former paradise became a lively place, which since 1933 is called Surfer’s Paradise.

And this way the town on the Gold Coast is now regarded as Australia’s secret capital of entertainment. This is not without good reason: plenty of attractions developed in the town in the last few years, which offer variety, next to the more boring activities on the paradisiac beach on the other side of the road. Let alone the lively nightlife. A lot of backpackers like stopping in Surfer’s Paradise on their journey to finally let it all hang out again after the exhausting Work& Travel.

Breathtaking view from a height of 270 meters

The most prominent building on the Gold Coast surely is the Q1 Tower, which was built only in 2005. It is one of the highest residential buildings in the world, which at the same time is equipped with the fastest elevators of Australia. With 9 meters per second the ten elevators wind up to the highest end of the building. Who prefers going by foot can look forward to 1.330 stairs to climb the 230 meters up to the 78th floor. There you can find a cafe and a lounge from which you have a fantastic panoramic view.

Who prefers even more height has to go the last 40 meters by foot anyway, secured with professional climbing equipment, a special suit and two belts that hold up to 5 tons of weight. „Skypoint Climb“ is the name of the adventure which promises, apart from lots of adrenaline, a breathtaking view from a height of 270 meters over Surfer’s Paradise and the whole Gold Coast.

I believe i can fly- takeoff with iFly

Another highlight of Surfer’s Paradise is called iFly. This is indoor skydiving, so basically parachuting without a parachute. In a sort of glassy tunnel, an air flow which can be as fast as 286 km/h is generated with which real sky diving can be simulated. But before you can enter the state of floating a lot of preparation is required. At first you are explained with which posture you should enter the tunnel as a beginner: chin up, arms stretched out in front of you, knees slightly pulled up. Who actually manages to float with the support of a „flying instructor“, can look forward to an incredible feeling. Steering is controlled with the hands, back and forth- going happens with the legs. As an outfit you have an overall, a helmet with ear plugs and saftey goggles, which protect your eyes from the strong wind.

Who reached the horizontal position one meter above the floor, experiences an emotional roller-coaster: concentrated, trying not to crash against the tunnel walls, and happy. After all you not just have the sensation of flying, you actually are. All without assistance. Only with the air that brutally blows in your face. After one minute the magic is over and you are literally longing to have that sensation of flying again as soon as possible. Amazing!

Gold Coast - Surfers Paradise - Australien - Joerg Pasemann (10 von 21)

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