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Torben Knye

Experience Havila Castor: Cruise redefined with Havila Kystruten

Slowly, early in the morning, the Havila Castor pushes unerringly to the quay wall of the nondescript harbor - in some place along the breathtaking Norwegian coast. It's so small and plain that I don't even remember the name of the dock. But the scenery that unfolds before my eyes as I blink sleepily out my cabin window is unforgettable and impressive.

A journey to the southernmost point of Scandinavia

When Jules Verne's characters in the book "Journey to the Center of the Earth" reach the center of the earth, a fantastic world opens up to them. We experienced something very similar, but different (in Thailand they say "same, same but different"), during our summer family vacation in Lolland-Falster, Denmark. The offer in this beautiful part of Denmark of both exciting and relaxing leisure activities is huge. Too big to pack into so little vacation (one week). So much is spoiled: We will be back!

"Tourism has a very positive function in many places"

The consequences of climate change will not stop at the travel industry. If there is not a radical change in the way we deal with the "resource earth" soon, many travel destinations will no longer exist in the future. It is already so hot in the summer in Sicily that normal everyday life is hardly possible. Storm surges and floods are increasing in frequency. Forecasts say that many major cities like Hamburg could be "swallowed up" by the sea in as little as 80 years. 

Dragons, sheep and a lugworm

In front of us the North Sea coast beach. The wind whistles around our ears. It's so loud that we can barely hear what the person next to us is shouting just a few meters away. The next stiff breeze pushes and pulls at us. The children whoop with happiness. Perfect weather for their new hobby: flying kites. Giving a bit of line, now bracing against it again. Turning in with the body when the wind direction changes. It doesn't take long for Mads (7) and Leonard (4) to become real kite tamers. That alone made the vacation on the North Sea coast worthwhile.
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"One human lifetime is not enough to know this planet".

Almost exactly one year ago to the day, Captain Kjell Holm, the first captain of TUI Cruises, retired. The likeable Finn has shaped and helped develop the Mein Schiff fleet like no other captain. He went to sea for a good 55 years. Around 10 of them for TUI Cruises. Whether with guests or crew - he was equally popular with everyone.

Hamburg from above - a different view of the Hanseatic city

The view of the world from above is not a natural perspective for us humans. And maybe that's why these sights fascinate us so much and draw us in. Even though I don't find great heights particularly pleasant, I always look for the highest point I can find when I travel. The World Trade Center in New York, the Bitexco Financial Tower in Saigon, the cliffs of Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon Skywalk are just a few heights I have "climbed". Only then does a place really open up to me.

On the way to the south of France

It's been a few years since my last road trip. To be exact, a good 15 years. Back then, I took the chance to discover Australia during my studies abroad in New Zealand. For about five weeks, the three of us drove in a small van through Downunder - from Melbourne to Cairns along the Australian east coast. About 4000 kilometers. So when I told my wife about it and suggested a road trip through half of Western Europe, she wasn't averse. The only question was whether it was really something for us and how it would work with two children aged two and five.

Interview: Olivia Jones travels basically as Oliver

Olivia Jones (49) is Germany's best-known "cult tranny". The Hamburg native takes tourists on celebrity tours of St. Pauli, organizes party harbor and city tours, and runs a pop bar on the Grosse Freiheit, a show club with burlesque, travesty and comedy acts, and Germany's first men's strip club, to which only women have access.
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A round through the port of Hamburg

Hamburg is always worth a trip. This is even more true for me since we moved with the family into our own house in the direction of Lübeck. You can get me out of Hamburg, but you can't get Hamburg out of me. That's why my wife and I have firmly resolved to make short flying visits to the most beautiful city in the world from time to time. Just for us. Without children.

Interview with Elton - "In Nepal I experienced zero stress".

Elton (real name Alexander Duszat) is one of the best-known entertainers in the German-speaking world. Whether young or old - everyone knows him. As Pro7's all-purpose weapon, it's hard to imagine the private station's programming without him. From Stefan Raab's show trainee, he has now evolved into his legitimate successor.

Interview with star chef Johan Lafer: "My curiosity drives me!"

Johann Lafer is always on the move. Today in Hamburg for the production of a TV show, tomorrow in his restaurant Stromburg and the day after tomorrow on a plane to discover new places and culinary highlights for his magazine "Lafer". Traveling is part of everyday life for the top chef. From time to time, he also travels as a guest chef on a cruise ship.

Alster or Elbe? A question of faith in Hamburg

Elbe or Alster? What sounds so mundane mutates for many Hamburgers into a real question of...
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