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Brigitte Geiselhart

On the one hand, Brigitte Geiselhart loves local and social reporting - especially in her home region at Lake Constance - and on the other hand, the self-confessed Swabian likes to travel "the rest of the world. Since the freelance journalist goes through life with her eyes wide open, it's actually obvious that no matter where she walks or stands, she's bound to come across the next story. So it was only logical that she also uses her "free time" and works as a travel journalist for the German Press Agency (dpa), among other things. In 2007, she was awarded the Journalism Prize of the Diakonie in Baden and Württemberg. In 2009, she received the special prize of the "Pro Ehrenamt" journalism award, which is offered nationwide by the Rhein Kreis Neuss. In 2014, she was among the winners of the international journalism award "Belarus in Focus", announced by the Polish "Solidarity with Belarus Information Office" from Warsaw. In March 2015, she received the 2014 Ireland Journalism Award from Ireland Information Tourism Ireland.

Of old grave rights and a real booze idea

The sun is shining, but it is freezing cold. It froze during the night - and that in the middle of October. But today is harvest time. So dress warmly, especially good shoes on your feet. The meeting point is at the Bielerhöhe at the Silvretta reservoir at an altitude of a good 2,000 meters above sea level. Directly on the border between the communities of Gaschurn in the Vorarlberg Montafon and Galtür in the Tyrolean Paznaun.

Really get going: Once around the whole Lake Constance by bike

Put down your sports equipment. Take off your shoes and socks and let your tired feet dangle in the cool water for a while. Or even better: jump into the water and swim a few laps. A moment that you can enjoy again and again on this tour. Even across countries. For example, in Germany in the morning, in Austria at noon and in Switzerland in the late afternoon.

Illinois - German traces at every turn

"Bridget!" The call from the counter is loud and unmistakable. Good thing. So the food we ordered is ready and waiting to be picked up. A double cheeseburger, of course. Mushrooms au gratin and fried onion rings to boot. A couple more house style fries? Why not. But the Cozy Dog Drive In isn't just known for its iconic and authentic food. At this diner in Springfield, you sit right on the former Route 66, which was originally almost 4,000 kilometers long and ran from Chicago to Santa Monica in California.

Glaciers in Alaska - So close to infinity

White, blue, black. Almost eerie, but excitingly beautiful. Somehow you can't get enough of the colors of this fascinating ice world from times long past. But now is not the right time to meditate. For glacier hiking in Alaska, the first thing to do is to slip the spikes over your mountaineering boots, put on your helmet, secure your harness and have your pointed hiking pole at hand. Over the next few hours, you'll be going uphill and downhill, including through caves and over crevasses. No step is level and surefootedness is an absolute must at the foothills of Spencer Glacier.
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Captain Cook would be amazed

Typically German? Perhaps. In any case, the farmer's omelet never tasted better. And the yeast bun for dessert. Not too sweet, not too sticky. Simply delicious. "With real butter and fresh eggs," Stefanie Wierer-Flynn tells us. "It is made every day with a lot of love. All handmade, of course." No question, the food is great. But that's certainly not the only reason you feel right at home at the legendary Bake Shop in Girdwood. Girdwood where?

Not emigrated, moved within Europe

Close to nature. Down-to-earth. A Wiesentaler and a true Black Forest native. And a journalist who learned his craft from the...

Quick breakfast? Fiddlesticks

The morning view, not yet fresh, from the bedroom window on the second floor of this house in the picturesque...

Americans love German beer from Portland

As a beer lover, you often have your problems abroad. In the United States, too. In the business metropolis of Portland in the U.S. state of Oregon, however, things are different. There, you can sit comfortably in the pub in the evening and enjoy your "Kölsch," "German Pale Ale" or "wheat beer. And it tastes good - guaranteed.
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Down into the underworld of the Maya

Meeting point 8 o'clock. "Slept in? Had a good breakfast?", tour guide Anja wants to know from the members of the small group of adventure-ready...