Bicycle vacation "on prescription

Not only since Corona have bicycle tours enjoyed increasing popularity. And what makes a cycling trip, which already provides plenty of exercise and fresh air, even healthier? Cycling vacations "on prescription", combined with autogenic training and a course in healthy eating. Best of all, most health insurers give a subsidy of 150 euros if you apply for it in advance.

Borkum: Vacation on Germany's most beautiful beach

Vacation on the doorstep instead of crowds at an airport: When we decide to vacation on Borkum in May, the short and convenient journey is the main reason. After decades, I return to the vacation spot of my childhood. In June, Borkum's Südstrand was voted Germany's most beautiful beach for the second time after 2018 by the readers of an online magazine. A good decision!

Northern Hesse: 10 tips for a summer trip

The home of the Brothers Grimm in Germany's green center is made for recreation with its gentle landscapes, cultural treasures and natural riches. Those who don't need a long sandy beach or high mountains will find their vacation happiness in northern Hesse. Here are ten recommendations.

Of old grave rights and a real booze idea

The sun is shining, but it is freezing cold. It froze during the night - and that in the middle of October. But today is harvest time. So dress warmly, especially good shoes on your feet. The meeting point is at the Bielerhöhe at the Silvretta reservoir at an altitude of a good 2,000 meters above sea level. Directly on the border between the communities of Gaschurn in the Vorarlberg Montafon and Galtür in the Tyrolean Paznaun.

Duckburg lies in the Fichtel Mountains

Let's face it: Many things that you have to do at least once in your life are simply not possible. Who hasn't dreamed of traveling to Duckburg as a child, as a teenager, even as a mature adult, and following in Donald Duck's footsteps, meeting sweet Daisy and taking a refreshing gold bath in Uncle Scrooge's famous money bin?
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Argentine way of life in the middle of Mecklenburg

Strietfeld near Dalwitz in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: 40 kilometers to Rostock, 20 to Güstrow. Hamburg is a two-hour drive away, as is Berlin - far enough to leave the daily grind behind, and close enough to treat yourself to a spontaneous weekend break. There are meadows and fields as far as the eye can see, beautifully restored manor houses. And: happy cows. A herd of brown, fluffy cloven-hoofed Red Angus cattle grazes peacefully on a hill.

Dragons, sheep and a lugworm

In front of us the North Sea coast beach. The wind whistles around our ears. It's so loud that we can barely hear what the person next to us is shouting just a few meters away. The next stiff breeze pushes and pulls at us. The children whoop with happiness. Perfect weather for their new hobby: flying kites. Giving a bit of line, now bracing against it again. Turning in with the body when the wind direction changes. It doesn't take long for Mads (7) and Leonard (4) to become real kite tamers. That alone made the vacation on the North Sea coast worthwhile.

Heavenly feelings and devilish legends

This mountain exudes a tremendous attraction. No, it's not the height alone. After all, we are "only" talking about 1357 meters here. Is it because the summit of the Lusen in the Bavarian Forest National Park can be reached via a "ladder to heaven"? Possibly. Perhaps also because of the roller coaster of emotions that almost automatically sets in along the way. It goes over boulders, through mixed forests, past old and dead trees, but also young woods that awaken to new life.

Really get going: Once around the whole Lake Constance by bike

Put down your sports equipment. Take off your shoes and socks and let your tired feet dangle in the cool water for a while. Or even better: jump into the water and swim a few laps. A moment that you can enjoy again and again on this tour. Even across countries. For example, in Germany in the morning, in Austria at noon and in Switzerland in the late afternoon.
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Pandemic determined the course of the NickoVision

Just one more time the chopstick in the nose, 15 minutes wait, then it can finally go to the cabin of the MS NickoVision, which has docked in Frankfurt at the Osthafen. It is the first river cruise in Germany after the last lockdown and all 84 passengers are happy that it is finally starting again. Even if the route is not yet entirely clear. The pandemic is determining the course on the Rhine.

With the "World Voyager" through the Canary Islands

A stiff breeze is blowing as Captain Hans Söderholm steers the World Voyager out of the port of Tenerife at around 8 pm. It is only the third tour of the expedition ship built in 2020, which was able to open the ocean cruising season of nicko cruises on April 10, 2021 with an extensive hygiene concept. Thanks to the pandemic, almost a year later than planned. The route leads from Tenerife to La Palma, El Hierro, La Gomera, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. There are 913 nautical miles ahead of us.

It has never been so relaxed on the Douro River

Traveling on the Douro has never been so relaxing! I often hear this sentence on the one-week river cruise with MS Douro Cruiser from Nicko Cruises in Portugal. Corona is to blame or better thanks! Just two ships sail the river from Porto. Otherwise there are 24 jostling at the five locks on the way to Barca d' Alva and back.

Sailing with Star Clipper through the paradise Andaman Sea

"Midship" echoes across the upper deck as the sails flap loosely in the wind. Captain Sergey Tunikov adjusts his RayBan sunglasses and squints into the sun. So do almost all the passengers watching the anchor being raised. The helmsman repeats the command, "Midship Captain!" Slowly, the Star Clipper turns into the wind and picks up speed. The four-master is on its way to its first destination, the Thai island of Ko Butang.
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Travel videos

Under discussion

"Tourism has a very positive function in many places"

The consequences of climate change will not stop at the travel industry. If there is not a radical change in the way we deal with the "resource earth" soon, many travel destinations will no longer exist in the future. It is already so hot in the summer in Sicily that normal everyday life is hardly possible. Storm surges and floods are increasing in frequency. Forecasts say that many major cities like Hamburg could be "swallowed up" by the sea in as little as 80 years. 

"One human lifetime is not enough to know this planet".

Almost exactly one year ago to the day, Captain Kjell Holm, the first captain of TUI Cruises, retired. The likeable Finn has shaped and helped develop the Mein Schiff fleet like no other captain. He went to sea for a good 55 years. Around 10 of them for TUI Cruises. Whether with guests or crew - he was equally popular with everyone.

Interview: Olivia Jones travels basically as Oliver

Olivia Jones (49) is Germany's best-known "cult tranny". The Hamburg native takes tourists on celebrity tours of St. Pauli, organizes party harbor and city tours, and runs a pop bar on the Grosse Freiheit, a show club with burlesque, travesty and comedy acts, and Germany's first men's strip club, to which only women have access.

Interview with Elton - "In Nepal I experienced zero stress".

Elton (real name Alexander Duszat) is one of the best-known entertainers in the German-speaking world. Whether young or old - everyone knows him. As Pro7's all-purpose weapon, it's hard to imagine the private station's programming without him. From Stefan Raab's show trainee, he has now evolved into his legitimate successor.
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